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Simple-Help Server setup on Raspberry Pi

Simple-Help Server setup on Raspberry Pi

Setup Steps For Running Simple-Help Server on Raspberry Pi – Raspbian OS

 As a experiment I decided to take up the challenge of installing the self hosted Simple-Help software on the Raspbian Operating System. This Operating system is Linux based and will be running on a brand new Raspberry Pi Server. There were some helpful support groups with Simple-Help that assisted with problems I incured during the process.

 Step 1: I purchased my Raspberry Pi Server from Element 14 which is a authorized distributor of Raspberry Pi. Here is the link

 Step 2: Unboxing of the Raspberry Pi.

main board pi


Step 3: Assembly of the Raspberry-pi


Step 4: Download Raspbian Operating system from website

Step 5: Buy a quality SD Card from recommendation list

Before I went to this site I bought a generic brand which ended up bricking so I suggest reading more about the card you decide on. My current card is a Lexar SDHC Platinum II 16 gigabyte Class 10

 Step 6: Format SD Card using a formatting program usually Windows or Mac has this tool pre-installed with your system if not here is the link

 Step 7: Use Disk Imager to burn the Raspbian OS on your SD Card if you do not have a imaging software you can download one here.

 Step 8: Insert SD card into slot as shown in the picture from Step 3

 Step 9: Plug in the power supply. Make sure you have a suitable micro USB cable and Power supply plug in. Recommended power 5-5.25v 700-1500 mA and 2A. If your cable does not produce this it could possibly damage your SD card and circuit board.

 Step 10: After plugging in the power you Raspberry-pi will automatically boot and start the initial boot and installation process. Raspbian will step you through the process.


Go through each section and select your customized setup. I recommend using the GUI and not text user interface. *Raspi-Config


Step 11: After installation is complete your screen should look like this.


Step 12: If you have a wireless USB card installed you will want to setup wifi by selecting Wifi Config on the desktop.

wifi raspbian_wifi_setup_1

Step 13: Open up the LXDE GUI Terminal the bottom icon. Now your ready to check to make sure your Java is setup and ready.


 Type the following code to install and update Java in preparation for Simple-Help Server Software:

 sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jdk

 Installation and update should complete within 5 minutes.

 Step 14: Download Simple-Help Server ALL PLATFORMS here is the link

 Step 15: Installation of Simple-Help Server through LXDE Terminal

 Type the following code first:

 cd SimpleHelp

 After pressing enter it should come up with $SimpleHelp

 Now enter this second code:


 This will take a couple of minutes to install and run

 To check the progress you can check the system task manager and make sure Java is running most likely your CPU is going to be running at 100% most of the installation after the installation is complete it will drop down to about 5-15%.


Step 16: Check to make sure you can connect to your server from a remote computer.


If it connects your done. If not you may need to open up the ports through your firewall and port forwarding on your router.

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