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How to Detect That Your Computer is Infected

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How to Detect That Your Computer is Infected

Like everything else on the planet, malware too is constantly evolving. But, the way they affect your computer has not changed all that much. As a general rule, your anti-malware software should alert you to threats. For your part, you need to keep your software up to date. But bear in mind that despite all your security measures, computer could get infected. If you learn how to detect your computer is infected, you will be able to take immediate corrective steps to contain the damage to your data. One way of doing this is to scan your computer at least once daily with reputed anti-malware software. Here are some of the other indications that should raise a red flag.

Your Computer Freezing or Crashing Frequently

This could also happen due to other hardware or software problems. But, if you’ve checked both your hardware and software and the problem persists, then it is a malicious Trojan working its mischief. This is especially true if all the computers in your network begin to act weird.

Is your system slower than usual? This sometimes happens when your desktop is cluttered with huge files. Clearing the clutter usually takes care of the problem. But if the problem persists, it means your computer is infected.

Unexplained internet traffic in your system

You may not be using the internet. Yet, the log shows activity. This could mean someone is accessing your system clandestinely.

Attempts to Breach Firewall

Having a firewall does not automatically deter security breaches. The software should be configured correctly and logs monitored. Signs of breach to look out for are a marked increase in spam and pop-ups. You may even find changes in personal files. Changes you didn’t make. Unexplained activity in your bank account is another of the perilous results of malware attack.

Your Computer Suddenly Locks You Out

You know you didn’t change your password. But if didn’t, who did? A hacker is on the loose fooling around with your files and data.

Automatically Landing on a Website Every Time you go Online

If you didn’t type in the URL, pin tab, or click on the link to the website, what you should see on your screen is the homepage of your browser. If you’re landing on some other website and you don’t know how you got there, your computer is infected.

If you suspect your computer is infected, it is a good idea to shut it down immediately. Then, reboot in Safe Mode. This should curtail the malware getting to work on the files in your computer to a certain extent.

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